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World’s smallest radio controlled helicopter

I bought a Picooz on impulse a few weeks ago. I saw it on display and it was only £30 and it gave me a “What the heck, its only 30 quid” moment. Turns out that I’ve bought the world’s smallest RC helicopter, weight about 10 grams. Though it is small, it does have a lot pf power in it. The copter charges from the RC controller and takes about 20 minutes to charge for a 5 minute flight.

It’s hard to control it at first, though I’m getting the hang of it. It’s a very forgiving toy and handles all the bumps and crashes very well. Indestructible so far :). Getting the Picooz to fly forward took a bit of hacking it. It has a tendency to fly in circles and get into an un-controllable spin. This happens even after trimming. I added a nose extension, which looks like an antenna to add a bit more weight to the front so it can fly forward slowly.

By Hibri Marzook

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