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Vista on my Toshiba Satellite M30

My Vista installation has to wait a while longer. Toshiba does not support Vista on the Satellite M30 and considers it an out of date model ( ??? ). Though the hardware is perfectly capable of running Vista with Aero glass. NVidia doesn’t have Vista drivers for the GeForce Go 5X series GPUs. There are hacky ways of getting this to work, but these are not stable so far from what I’ve read.

However, I’m in the mood to buy a new laptop. I’m looking at the Toshiba P100 series of laptops, as they have a decent mix of features i.e good graphics Nvidia geforce 7600 with at least 128 MB of video ram, IGB of memory and a 100gb hard drive. My budget for all this is about £1000. I play games on my laptop and it serves as my main entertainment center therefore it should have a  decent graphics card. Should be able to run secondlife and need for speed :). I’ve narrowed down my requirements and now just need to hunt around the shops more till I get it for as cheap as possible. It’s cheaper to buy a laptop with 1 GB of RAM and upgrade it later. Crucial is selling 2 GB kits for less than £100. The price difference between a 1GB laptop and a 2GB model is close to £250.

By Hibri Marzook

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