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New features in IIS 7.0

Scott blogs about the new features in IIS 7.0 server version coming out later this year. One set of features that I think is really really amazing :

“The web farm support in particular is really cool, and will allow you to deploy your web applications on a file-share that contains all of the code, configuration, content, and encryption keys needed to run a server.  You can then add any number of stateless and configuration-less web-servers into a web farm and just point them at the file-server to dynamically load their configuration settings (including bindings, virtual directories, app pool settings, etc) and application content.  This makes it trivial to scale out applications across machines, and avoid having to use replication schemes for configuration and application deployment (just copy over the files on the file-share and all of the machines in the web farm will immediately pick up the changes). “

I already use source control to deploy files to the web farm so replication is not a big issue, but it is a pain to configure sites for the first time on each server.

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