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Pair Programming smells

Stumbled across this blog entry by William Pietri. Made a list of some pair programming smells I have observed in the wild

  1. Quiet Partner  – only one does all the talking, the other listens quietly, often looks bored and un-interested.

  2. God Syndrome – the less experienced of the pair is afraid to ask questions. Not wanting to admit lack of knowledge. The superior of the pair zooms along assuming the other is following along.

  3. Constant Arguing – over minor design decisions, egotistic reasons. not coming to conclusions.

4.  “My work is so boring, I don’t you to want to see it, let me slave away in the salt mines”

  1. Going too fast – Either of the pair going too fast.” I know what I’m doing, just watch me”, and not bothering to explain.

  2. Lack of focus – “Hey look at this other thing I’m doing”.

  3. Quiet pair – ignoring partner, partner not interested. “I finished everything when you were having a cuppa”.

Ping Pong pairing

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